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“Content is the ‘fuel’ of social media and to have an opportunity for vast reach, you need a source of ‘rich content:’ a blog, podcast, video series, or visual content. Don’t worry about being everywhere. Pick one of these sources that matches the skills and personality of your business and do it well for a year or two before diversifying.”


One of the most powerful and effective social media marketing tips has been summed up in the above lines by Mark Schaefer, who is an author, blogger and social media marketing strategy analyst. Indeed, a smart aligning of content and social media is crucial to get more traffic and keep them engaged for long hauls. You need to find the social media platform where most of your niche audience lies and target them with high quality, informative content.


However, this was just one expert sharing his pro-tip on social media marketing. There are many more experts out there and each one of them has something useful to share about social media marketing. In this blog post, I have compiled the top social media marketing tips shared by six industry experts. Read them, understand them and implement them in your social media marketing strategy.


     1. Neil Patel: Engage, Engage, Engage…
According to Neil Patel, engaging with the audience on social media is one of the best ways to make your social media marketing effective. Be an active marketer and after sharing information engage with the audience as much as you can. Like, share, comment, retweet, do anything in your might to engage with your audience. Develop a strategy and keep participating in community discussions to see a two-three times difference. Search for ways to engage with your audience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and any other social media platform to effectively increase your conversions as well.


     2. Jeff Bullas: Post Useful Content Regularly
According to Jeff Bullas, “Build your list and grow your traffic with your online store blog with calls to action and free information products”. By giving away free information products, you build a much larger audience base that is indispensable in social media marketing. Every blog you post should be shared on your Facebook Page. Regular content posts and updates, for Jeff Bullas, hold utmost importance in social media marketing. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, SlideShare, YouTube or LinkedIn, you need to integrate your blog posts with your social media accounts and update them straight after publishing any new content.


     3. Peg Fitzpatrick: Slideshow Ads On Facebook
According to Peggy Fitzpatrick, using the slideshow ads on Facebook can be a great way to get more traffic. Slideshow ad is one of the latest features of Facebook and “work on low connectivity, so they allow you to reach more people worldwide.” These ads load quickly even on a slow internet and also reduces the data cost for the viewers. Unlike the video ads, these slideshow ads do not take forever to load on anybody’s news feed. These Facebook slideshow ads can be modified according to your wish. You can choose the duration for which each image lasts, add transition to the images, and also add narration and music to the slides.


     4. Amy Lynn Andrews: Measure And Analyze The Content Success
According to Amy Lynn, the most effective way to get the desired results from social media marketing is by regularly measuring and analyzing the success of your content that you post. You need to know which content is doing well among your audience in order to understand the user-behavior and what type of content they like most. Various tools are available to help you analyze the success of the content. Once you know which blog is doing best on social media, you need to know the reasons behind its success so as to create more content of the same type. Amy says, “My most popular post, How to Make Money Blogging, is successful because it addresses a very common question and it appeals to readers on many levels. Beginners are interested in the basics and intermediate to advanced bloggers are always looking for more ways to monetize.”


     5. Donna Moritz: Animated Videos
According to Donna Moritz, animated images and text posts are a quick way to gain the attention of the people of social media. Short animated videos are an even better way to get the attention of the social audience. Donna suggests the use of the tool called Ripl for creating animated videos without any technical guidance. You can simply add images and text on Ripl and customize it using the design of your choice. It is a freemium service and lets you post the intriguing animated videos on various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


     6. Ileane Smith: More Video Content Creation
According to Ileane Smith, videos are the most popular social media marketing trend in 2017 and using them in the marketing strategy on social media can be of great help in getting more traffic. YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and almost every social networking site has incorporated the video feature to satiate the growing video need of the audience. Live videos have become bigger and are allowing the people to connect with others in real time. Ileane Smith says, “YouTube can’t be overlooked when it comes to anything that has to do with video, and I’m finding more mobile apps like Live: Air Solo and Wirecast Go make it very easy to live stream to YouTube via your iPhone.”


These were the top tips shared by experts on social media marketing. Implement these tips in your social media marketing strategy to get higher traffic and ultimately increase sales online. You can also take the service from an experienced and trusted social media marketing company to get these expert tips incorporated in your strategy and leverage the power of social media.

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